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Are you the next Stephen King, or JK Rowling? Maybe, if you can complete and publish your novel…
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* It's never been easier to make money from fiction. YOU can write and sell the stories of your heart;

* Want to learn the
fiction "formula"? In a sense there's no fiction formula. But there is a formula to writing, a formula which makes tapping into your creativity and selling it easy;

* What if you could
write a novel – a SALES-WORTHY draft of one – within 30 days? With a publication and marketing program too?
Want to write fiction? Find it hard to create an engrossing, page-turning STORY? If you do, read on.
Angela Booth
Hi Fellow Writer

I started my writing career as a romance novelist. I got immensely lucky, in some ways, because I got a publishing contract quickly However, that was a real challenge, because I had no idea what I was doing. I had to teach myself how fiction worked.

Once I learned, I had huge fun. Ghostwriting fiction is a big part of my writing business today, because I love writing short stories and novels. It comes easily to me now, because I learned that there's a formula.
Once you know the formula (or process, if you like) for writing fiction, you'll write with ease and confidence.

Have you hit "the wall" yet? You will

The biggest challenge for any writer who's started writing a novel is to finish it. And then to sell it. We all start a novel with high hopes. We have a rosy image in our mind's eye. Our idea is just brilliant. Our novel will be a real page-turner. No one who picks up our novel will be able to put it down… It will bring us fame and riches…

You start your novel with great enthusiasm and excitement. That fades. It may not fade for a few days, or even a couple of weeks, but it WILL fade. Your original inspiration will seem dopey and dull. You think: No one will ever want to read this!

Moreover, not only is your book cr*p, so are you. You tell yourself: I can't write… whatever made me think that I could?

Oh woe. You've hit THE WALL. Every novelist, in every novel, hits the wall at some stage. For me, it generally happens at around page 100 — or it used to, until I learned to expect it, and smile when it happens. Yep. Smile. When you expect the wall, it doesn't faze you. You know there are endless ways around, over and under the wall. Indeed, you realize that the wall means that your novel will be even better than your first conception of it. You love the wall.

Why write fiction? Short answer: because it SELLS

Perhaps you love to read short stories and novels, but the idea of writing a novel scares you. 60,000 words? 100,000 words? How can you string so many words together so that people not only love your book, but can't wait for the next one?

If you can write a blog post of 600 words, you can write a novel of 60,000 words. Just write 600 words a day for three months. Keep it up, and at the end of a year, you'll have several novels selling in Amazon's Kindle bookstore.

And they'll keep selling. Forever. That's the big benefit of fiction… Novels sell, and they keep selling. Jane Austen's been going strong for a couple of centuries now.

My discovery of the commercial fiction "formula"

If you think strategically, and use the easy novel writing formula to write your novels, you can write as many as you choose. Without any more effort than you'd use to write a 600 word article… You just keep writing, until you've reached your chosen word count.

I put formula in quotes, because there's no real formula for fiction. There's my one-sentence plotting formula: Someone wants something and he struggles to get what he wants against a colorful background.

But that doesn't include MEANING. To write successful novels, your novels need to mean something. They need a theme, or a moral, and you probably won't find it in your first draft. However, it will emerge. If you ensure that it does, you'll write a satisfying story.

It took many years for me to discover a formula which works, so that not only can you write a novel smoothly and easily, without angst, you can write a novel which readers love.

My students love this novel-writing process. You will too. I've been teaching it for years, and now I've formalized it into a coaching program. If you're struggling to write commercial fiction, this is the program for you.

NEW - Pro Novelist's Companion: Write Your Novel in 30 Days (and publish it)

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* Write a salable novel in 30 days: learn the EASY, FAST and SIMPLE novel-writing formula which you can use over and over again, to build a solid career;

* You'll have your
own coach, guide and cheer squad, you're never alone. Write with me. Easy exercises build your novel, step by step;

* Writing and professional marketing: marketing your novel starts before you write it. You know
your novel will sell: you'll have readers who are eager to read your novel as soon as it's released;

Instant access: our weekly catch-up session map your progress. Your questions are answered – you'll never wonder what you should do next;

* Discover the
ONE secret to becoming a career novelist: together, we create a publication schedule to build on what you've created.

What my students say…

"Angela asked me to share my thoughts on Pro Novelist. You WILL write, and you WILL create a marketing strategy that works, just like I did. Six months after my coaching, I've completed five novels. Sales have risen each month... All thanks to Angela and Julia."
Tiffany R. USA

"Brilliantly simple -- and it works. Angela's one-sentence formula helped me to shape my novel. I've started to build a fan base... My sales, one month after uploading to Amazon: 45 this week." James F. South Africa

Want to write a novel? You can

You'll have fun doing it too.
Here's what's included in this program.
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Pro Novelist's Companion: Write Your Novel in 30 Days (and publish it)

PDF, 90 pages

30 days of lessons and exercises to write and publish your novel in 30 days.

How the Pro Novelist's Companion works
Many writers start novels. Far fewer writers FINISH them. And of the novelists which manage to finish their novels, even fewer sell enough copies of their novel to pay their bills.

We've created the Pro Novelist's Companion not only to ensure that you start your novel, and finish it, but also SELL it. Marketing your novel begins while you write it.

Your questionnaire: please complete it, and send it to us
You’ll received a questionnaire in your package. When you have a moment, please answer the questions, as briefly as you like — and send your response to the email address on the questionnaire. This means that we know something about you, so that we can help you not only to write your novel, but also to increase your sales.

Weekly catch-ups
Seven days after you begin your 30 days, you'll receive a message from me, asking you how you're doing. Please respond. Let me know what's happening with your novel. Are you having any challenges? Respond, asking as many questions you like.

You'll receive four messages from me, at weekly intervals. I include some tips which will help you, and some things for you to do in preparation for marketing and selling your novel. For example, we'll make sure that you have a simple webpage set up for your readers.

You've written a novel, now what?
Once the 30 days are done, you've written your novel. By the way, if it takes you longer than 30 days, that's OK. It takes what it takes.

Now it's time to market and sell your novel. We'll create a marketing and sales plan which is just for you, and for your book. Every writer is different, so there are no "one size fits all" marketing plans. We'll craft a plan that you can easily carry out in the time that you have available.

We'll also plan your NEXT book.
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Also included in your package…

Plot FAST, Publish FAST: Craft Bestselling Fiction In Any Genre

PDF, 31 pages

Scared of plotting? That's OK.

Many writers hate plotting, and think that they can't do it. Believe it or not, plotting your short story or novel is huge fun. All you need to do is let yourself go — relax. Someone once said that if you've survived your childhood, you've got more than enough plots for a hundred novels.

When you use this reference along with your Pro Novelist’s Companion, you’ll become an expert on plotting.

Even if you’re a confirmed pantser, as I am. This guide can teach anyone how to plot.

How much would you expect to pay for this program?

My personal coaching students pay $1,000 a month, and it’s a bargain, as you’ll discover. The most common statement is always: “the best investment I ever made.”

With the Pro Novelist’s Companion, you get coaching for at least TWO MONTHS. A month to write and ready your novel for publication, and then another month to market and sell it. That’s a $2,000 value.

You won’t be paying that.

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February 15, 2015
Due to a sudden family illness we're unable to offer this program for now.

If you'd like to book for the future, or need another option, contact us.

Secure payment via PayPal or card. Instant delivery: you download a ZIP package of three PDF files, which you can read on any computer or device.

A (short) questionnaire is included. Please complete it, and send it to the email address you’re given.

Angela Booth
This program is unique. You receive TWO MONTHS of coaching, and you can ask for any help you need - at any time. Even on a weekend.

Either Julia (my amazing, hard working assistant) or I will get back to you within hours (often minutes) on a business day, and within eight hours on a weekend.

You're NEVER alone -- Julia and I are here to help.


Angela Booth

P.S. Vital: not sure whether this program is for you? ASK. :-)