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Do you struggle with writing? Maybe you're writing Kindle fiction or nonfiction. Maybe you're writing for the Web. Here's the solution... The 2015 edition of our bestselling Easy-Write Process contains everything you need to write like a true professional...

"Write Anything, Anywhere.

"Eliminate Fear, Self-Doubt, And Procrastination.

"Make The Income You Deserve.

"Become A Confident, Successful And Prolific Writer, Fast!"

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Learn the EASY process which makes writing a joy, rather than a chore;
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Have fun while you write, while making money -- how much you make is up to you (this process also works if you need to write well in your job);
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Write anything you choose: blogs, sales copy, business letters, novels. The process works for tiny projects and for enormous projects too.
Writing isn't easy for most people.

Indeed, it isn't easy for most professional writers.
Read on, if you'd like to make writing easy, fun, and very profitable too, if you wish.

You can end the struggle to write easily and well.
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Hi Fellow Writer

Writing hasn't always been fun for me. Far from it. For the first ten years of my writing career, when I was writing novels and starting out as a copywriter, I was terrified of writing.

And yet, something compelled me to sit at my IBM Selectric typewriter and tap its keys, long into the night.

Then I'd get up at 4AM, and would tap the keys again.

Looking back, all these years later, I'm amazed that I persisted. But persist I did, because I loved having written. Reading my own words gave me a thrill, but the blank page terrified me.

The fear I felt was real. My stomach clenched and my hands shook when I rolled paper into the typewriter. My palms were wet. More often than not, I had a tension headache.

You can imagine that the intense daily discomfort motivated me to find ways of writing and thinking about writing which would make it easier.

Eventually, over several years, I developed my Easy-Write Process.

My Easy-Write Process changed my life

I studied creativity and mind states. I learned to meditate. I forced myself to write despite the discomfort.

I found methods and strategies which worked for me, and later, I tried them out on my students. They worked for them, too.

This wasn't an overnight process. My Easy-Write "cure" for writing stress and trauma crept up on me.

One day I wondered where the fear had gone... I was amazed. It was GONE; not a trace remained.

I could see how my life had changed as I worked with the Easy-Write process...

Writing had turned into a daily joy. Instead of cowering in bed when I awoke, I leaped out of bed, eager to get to the keyboard. I was happier in everything I did, and everyone around me was happier too.

Along with the joy, came the money. I had to turn clients away. Editors rang me to discuss new projects. Clients put me on retainer.

When I taught the Easy-Write process to my writing students, they achieved great results too.


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Getting up in the morning, with your brain teeming with ideas...
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Feeling confident that you can handle any writing job you choose...
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Being booked solid, with more clients than you can handle...
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Having fun with your writing, every day...
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Feeling secure, and knowing that you can make any income you choose...
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Finding that your income is steadily growing, and feeling completely relaxed about yourself and your writing.
Read on, to discover what the Easy-Write process can do for you.

Introducing Angela Booth's EASY-WRITE Process 4 for 2015

The Easy-Write Process has evolved. I first launched the Easy-Write Process in 2006. The first edition was short (21 pages) and hugely popular. Writers said things like "fantastic/ changed my life/ love writing now/much more confident" and so on.

Version 4 is 122 pages, and has two companion products. With this package you WILL write easily and well, whether you're a new writer, or an experienced pro.
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New for 2015. Revised, expanded, with more solutions:

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Eliminate stress in your writing. Once you do, you'll constantly surprise yourself as you come up with more and better ideas;
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Enjoy your writing: become eager to get to your desk, because you're bursting with quality ideas;
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Discover how to take on any writing project you choose: eliminate insecurity and procrastination for good;
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Discover how to make writing a fun and easy voyage of discovery: you'll always know what to write;
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Three words you must know: they will change the way you write;
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Become an idea magnet: get more ideas, more quickly and more easily;
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You're YOU, an original: be confident and create a style that makes people clamor to hire you for their projects;
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Become a prolific writer: discover how you can easily double and triple your output, and your income;
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Kickstart stalled projects: a ten minute process that will put new life into your writing.

Here's how the Easy-Write process helps you:

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Novelists: get your book done. Enjoy your writing, maybe for the first time. No more procrastination or writer's block;
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Web writers: effortlessly create original, unique content. Speed up your writing;
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Bloggers: create an endless flow of unique content for your blogs;
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Article writers: write and have fun. Come up with more and better ideas;
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New writers: get the writing habit. Jump out of bed every day, eager to write. Be confident as you work with clients;
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Established writers: revitalize your career. Discover new, easier and better ways of working. Enjoy your writing, and marvel at your new confidence. Double and triple your output and income.

What writers have said about the Easy-Write Process

"First, I used the Easy-Write Process to complete a magazine commission when I got stuck. Now I use it every day. I am falling in love with writing again -- I feel like a writer now. :-)." Amitee P. France

"Thanks for sending me the second edition of the Easy-Write Process Angela. It came at just the right time... I've been using it for three weeks now. I am writing more, and more easily because I'm now defining everything. I went after a big web content contract last week because I know I can do it. " Eric M. USA

"As you know Angela, I'm always second-guessing myself. You're right, I over-think. Easy-Write is magic. I got a big shock yesterday -- three new projects in one day! I used the process to bid on three jobs, and got all three -- and at a great rate, double what I charged before. Thank you!" Corey K. UK

True to its name, the Easy-Write Process is EASY, and it will work for you

The Easy-Write Process takes just a short time to learn. From then on, it's a matter of using it. The more you use it, the more powerful it becomes. For the first time, you'll be working in perfect partnership with your subconscious mind, to become the writer you were meant to be.

What you receive in our brand new version: MORE to help you to make money from your writing more quickly and easily

easy write process

The Easy Write Process
122 pages, PDF, packed with solid, practical instructions you can use, whether you're a new writer, or an experienced pro.

These are MY writing secrets, developed over many, many years of writing. You can see from my
writing journal that I write a LOT... easily.


Coaching -- you receive A FULL hour of coaching completely free. This is a $300 value on its own.
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Get the Easy-Writing Habit: 30 Days of Writing Prompts
10 pages, PDF.

Let's make writing easy with 30 days of writing prompts. It's supposed to take 21 days to build a habit, so in 30 days, your habit should be well established. :-)

Why writing prompts?

* They build your confidence that you can write where and when you choose, AND that you can write anything you choose;

* They can spark profitable ideas of your own;

* They force you to climb out of a rut — every writer sinks into a rut. These prompts will guide you out of a rut;

* They're casual — write anything you like, no one will see your exercises;

* They're perfect warmups to any writing session.
And most importantly of all: they help you to write more, and
sell more, because you're writing.

You'll love these fun prompts.

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PLUS... Authentic Writing: Develop Your Writer's Voice, And Sell
52 pages, PDF

I've included Authentic Writing in your package, because writers NEED it...

Today the writing world is more crowded than it’s ever been, so if you want to sell, it’s essential that you develop your writer’s voice. Discover how with a
new writing process:

* Discover how to develop confidence because you’re an original: write more, and write more easily.

* Eliminate writing procrastination forever. You can write anything with confidence.

* Escape the “generic” writer trap. Get the great clients you’ve always wanted. If you’re self-publishing, write and sell.

A full description of this ebook is here.

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Either Julia (my amazing, hard working assistant) or I will get back to you within hours (often minutes) on a business day, and within eight hours on a weekend.

You're NEVER alone -- Julia and I are here to help.

Enjoy the Easy-Write Process -- I use it every day, and you can too.


Angela Booth

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