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* Chances are, you have all the pieces you need for success. It's time to put them together;

* Relax, and create content anywhere: your opportunities are unlimited;

* Discover the secret "content success formula" – and apply it, even if you're a brand new writer.
Want to make money creating content? Read on…
Angela Booth
Hi Fellow Writer

We're living in amazing times. Never before in history has it been possible for one writer, alone, operating from a laptop, with his sofa as his home office, to make not just a six-figure income, but in many cases, a seven figure income.

Most writers however, make much less. This is sad, because they have most of the pieces in place to make $100,000 a year, and more.

I work with writers every day.

Here's what I know. Most of those writers have many of the pieces in place to build an amazing business: great content, a website and/ or a blog, a good work ethic — but it just doesn't happen for them. They create an ebook or three, and when they don't sell a million copies within two weeks, they think that there's something wrong with them.

There isn't. They just don't have a sales funnel. It's as if they have all the pieces for a car engine lying on their garage floor, and can't fit those pieces into their Alpha Romeo 4C.

Marketers are fond of saying that someone needs to hear your name at least seven times before he buys from you. I think it's many more times than that. People need to hear your name over and over, and then, they take action.

So, how do you get in front of people? Do you keep blogging, even if you have little traffic, and no one seems to care what you do? Do you keep publishing ebook after ebook, and hope and pray that sooner or later, your sales will take off?

You can do all that. And I hope you will. However, in our new program you'll discover how to do all that so that it actually works for you, and builds a six-figure, thriving business… by getting in front of people, and then getting those people to take the actions you want them to take, via your creative content, and your sales funnel.

Put all the pieces together

Your sales funnel exists to put all the pieces together. People hear about you, they come to trust you, and then they buy from you.

Simple. However, it's complex if you just have the pieces, and have no clue what you're going to do with them.

Start with your goals, then put your pieces in place.

Your sales funnel needs to be activated

When I work with my coaching students, my primary aim is to make sure that they have all the pieces in place for their sales funnel, and then that they ACTIVATE their sales funnel.

You can do the same, if you want to make a six-figure income, sitting on your sofa, and working on your laptop.
* Put all the pieces together: YOU can make a six-figure income in 2015, just by WRITING;

* Discover and USE the secret roadmap. New writer? That's OK. You can make money from creative content immediately. Established writer? Brilliant – YOU can make all your content work for you;

* Content strategy secrets: learn the 5 secrets to creating amazing content that works for YOU: discover the ONE secret that's hiding in plain sight.

* Never procrastinate again: procrastination is based on fear. You'll eliminate your fears forever;

* Scale your creative content: the secret roadmap is easy to scale. Want to make more money? Create a new map.

Write and succeed, with creative content. YOU can do it, whether you’ve been writing for a month, or years

Creating your own content funnels isn't complicated. All you need to do is set goals.

If you're a beginning writer, you'll start your writing business off the right way. Content funnels are essential know-how in these days of endless Google algorithmic updates.

If you're an established writer, you'll sell MORE. And you'll make good use of all the content you've already created.

Here's what's included with Creative Content Secrets: Create Six-Figure Content in 2015

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Creative Content Secrets: Create Six-Figure Content in 2015

PDF, 92 pages
The solution: put the “money from content” puzzle pieces together.

When you see how it works, you’ll be amazed, especially if you’ve been creating content and have wondered… “where’s the MONEY?”

You’ll see that it has indeed been hiding in plain sight.

If you’re a new writer, from now on you’ll be miles ahead of 99% of the writing population, because you’ll know how content works.

If you’re an established writer, you’ll be thrilled and excited, because chances are, you’ve got the puzzle pieces already. Put them together, and start making the income you’ve long wanted.

Easy, practical, and powerful… “magic” as one beta tester said.
To do list power

To Do List Power: Use Your To Do List to Make $1,000 a Day

PDF, 63 pages
The perfect companion to Creative Content Secrets: Create Six-Figure Content in 2015.

I LIVE by my To Do list, as you’ll know if you read my writing journals.

Everything in your life depends on what you do — and what you don't. In this guide, our aim is to use your To Do list to create creative content to make $1,000 a day. Or to do anything you want to do... to achieve your burning desires.

It all starts with your goals: the right goals. Few people create goals, and even fewer create goals which work for them.

Have you created a goal? Chances are, that all your goal did was upset you because you didn't achieve it.

Here's why. Although you set a goal, you didn't know enough about yourself. You didn't choose goals which were right.

BONUSES… Coaching of course, and another program to help you to success with creative content

As always, you receiving coaching with my programs.

This time, you receive a full half-hour of coaching — believe me, you’ll get a lot out of 30 minutes with me. This is a $150 value on its own, because I want to make Creative Content Secrets: Create Six-Figure Content in 2015 the best investment you’ll ever make.
This program is no longer available. Click here for current programs.